Karacotta Ceramics

Handmade ceramic candle, in Karacotta Ceramics signature OCEAN color, and scent No. 37.  Made with 100% essential oils, top notes:

Sandalwood, vetiver, black pepper

A fantastic scent for any home or office


8oz. soy/coconut wax blend 


Hand-poured in Austin, TX, giving the candle + wood wick a 40 hour burn time.  

Each candle can be reused as a porcelain tumbler, great for hot/cold beverages.  


Karacotta Ceramics creates one-of-a-kind, functional, ceramic art pieces for 

everydal living. No two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze.  They value craftsmanship over production quantity. They scratch-make their toos, clay bodies, and glazes, or curates them locally from the very best. They believe in supporting local community via donations to non-profity fundraisers, and sponsoring scholarships for youth like the Girls Empowerment Network. 

Ceramic Candle in OCEAN